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augmented reality
smart glasses

best lens features
lens technology
progressive, bifocal, single vision
anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating
Transition lenses, digital lenses

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Eyeglass Frame Materials


sunglasses vs. goggles
Casual sunglasses:

How to Buy Glasses Online

Lens Color

  • Brown and amber:  for high glare. excellent contrast, minimizes eye strain,absorbing most blue light waves, sharpens visual acuity, improving depth perception, improve contrast
    Popular for cycling, skiing and general use.
    Con: distorts colors, makes greens greener, causes neons to fade.
  • Gray: Natural contrast, True color perception. General-purpose color.
  • Green: All-purpose, Contrast in low-light, Reduces eye strain in bright conditions.
  • Yellow: Shooting, Hunting, Skiing, Excellent depth perception and contrast in low light.
  • Red or rose: General-purpos,Heightens visual acuity, enhances color, improves contrast. Flat light conditions. Soothing and comfortable over a long period of time.
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